Skin Sanctuaire - A Sanctuary for your skin
Skin Sanctuaire is a private skin care practice developed by aesthetician Brenda LeBlanc, with over a decade of experience, Brenda brings her extensive theoretical training as well as hands-on experience to her clients, combining the art and science of serious skin care. Her passion for improving her clients'skin can be seen by what her clients have to say:

"Brenda's combination of skin care treatments and personal touch have made all the difference in the quality of my skin. My brown spots have faded and my eyebrows have never looked better! I have benefited from her quest "for the perfect sun screen" and I receive regular compliments on my glowing complexion." -Alison Santa Clara, Ca.

 "Brenda's facials have changed the life of my skin
 and how I feel about myself. I first came to see
 Brenda a few years ago. I've always had acne
 problems and had gone to seen several dermatologists
 for help. It wasn't until I started coming to Brenda
 regularly (monthly) that my skin began to clear up
 and glow after every session. She brings her
 knowledge, experience and amazing talent to the
 sessions every time. Depending on what is happening
 with my skin, she has a treatment  for it. Brenda
 also helped me choose the products that would work
 best for my skin in between appointments. Not only
 is her talent shown in her work, the studio she
 provides her work in, is a inspiration of her own,
 bringing warmth and serenity for a relaxing
 experience. Today my skin is glowing and radiant and
 I owe it to Brenda."-Tracy in Palo Alto, Ca.

"I have been seeing Brenda for my facials and waxing for several years.  I wouldn't dare go anywhere else.  She has always been extremely professional and yet made you feel so comfortable.  I have never come across anyone like her in the business." -Gwen in Palo Alto, Ca.

"I received the most amazing facial and other works
from Brenda.  I felt incredible pampered - mere words can not describe how luxurious it feels to be in her studio.  There is no body, and I mean nobody, who does eyebrows(waxing and dyeing) like Brenda.  Her work completely changed my look - much more polished and sophisticated.  Her touch is so nurturing and relaxing that I actually fell asleep while she was working on me.  She also uses the highest quality and most current product and techniques available on the market today.  She is worth very penny she charges and more!"
 -Nancy in Belmont, CA

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